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Launchpad for OnlyFans models.




To safeguard creators from platform dependence.

We’re proponents for the continued decentralisation of media through technologies like OnlyFans, Patreon and Fansly; we are deconstructing exploitative practices in all media, starting with adult entertainment.  

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We’re building the infrastructure to scale and protect pay-wall marketing funnels.



Our media production infrastructure allows all aspiring content creators to optimise their time and fast-track their success story.


Through specialist operators and marketers, exclusive content creators can now take the power away from unpredictable demonetisation strikes, account limitations and outright bans from big-tech platforms.

Our Story

"the ‘dos’ and don’ts’ became abundantly clear..."

Founded in 2020 as a talent management company, Lost Media developed grass root talents from hobbyist content creators, into full time influencers. It wasn’t long before content monetisation became the foremost focus for LostTeam talent.

From managing sponsored events and diversifying talent’s revenue streams, Lost Media refined its understanding for effective content marketing, influencer marketing and growth events; the ‘dos’ and don’ts’ became abundantly clear, with many agencies burdening their clients and the LostTeam, with convoluted, tedious and exploitative practices.


As a result, we understand how to optimise the experience for both brands and creators alike, for fruitful content marketing partnerships, with unrivalled KPI-driven organic growth, to inflate exclusive content revenue.

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