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Are you a skilled creative?


Please find details below for each role and follow the instructions with care to ensure your application is considered.


Talent Scout

Lost Team is hiring full time Talent Scouts for the purpose of finding, engaging and successfully onboarding Exclusive Content Creators with Lost Team and its Industry Partners. 


Daily activities will include cold messaging/emailing, booking appointments and onboarding creators with Lost Team. Scouted creators will need to create content - or express a desire to create content - on one of the following platforms:

  1. Patreon

  2. OnlyFans

  3. Fansly

  4. Twitch

  5. Other Subscription Content/Paywall Platforms


  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

  • Proficient email, calendar and video-call skills.

  • Excellent understanding of social media.

  • Excellent understanding of subscription based content creation.

  • Ability to work to a deadline with consistency.

  • Ability to collaborate with other creatives.

Creators will need to meet certain criteria including but not limited to specific followings, total engagement rates and brand image. The referral of a creator will be confirmed by Lost Team upon the official signing of a creator to Lost Team or its Industry Partners.

A successful candidate will actively search for and engage suitable models, as well as agencies whose clientele would be interested in the growth of their content marketing operations. Successful candidates will source relevant creators and support them along their journey to ensure a smooth onboarding process. The successful candidate will not sacrifice quality for quantity, or vice-versa.


  • Cold Direct Messaging

  • Cold Emailing

  • Cold Calling

  • Appointment Setting

  • Client Onboarding

Terms of Engagement:

Successful candidates will be onboarded on a performance only basis for a trial period of 1 month. Talent Scouts who are successful during their first month of engagement will be offered a negotiable fixed salary, in addition to performance bonuses.

Expected Earnings:

  • Low performance (approx 4 referrals per month) = $1200-$2000

  • Average performance (approx 5-8 referrals per month) = $2000-$4800

  • High performance (approx 10-12 referrals per month) = $4800-$7200

Please Note:

  • The first month of employment will be paid on a performance only basis.

  • Every referral will be compensated accordingly.

  • If you are unable to scout and successfully refer any talent, we will be unable to compensate you.

  • Scouts engaged for a base salary will be notified at the end of their first month.  

  • Scouts’ total compensation is UNCAPPED.

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